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Riga Aeronautical Institute is enrolling the applicants for the year 2023/2024 for all accredited programs and study directions.

1. Transport
· International Carrier Business Management
· International Transport Logistics
· Air Traffic management
· International Carrier Business Management (Master’s degree)

2. Mechanics
· Air Transport Systems Management and Operation
· Aircraft Technical Maintenance
· Transport Systems Management (Master’s degree)

3. Electronics
· Electronic Equipment Maintenance

Documents for admission to RAI full-time studies):
- copy of the secondary/higher education certificate(s) and its supplement;
- copy of certificate of English (B2 level);
- copy of a passport;
- one photo 3x4 cm (can be also electronical).
Admission fee 200 Eur (non-refundable)

Online registration
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From 15 till 26 of May at the RAI training center (metalworking workshop) under the guidance of an METALWORKING specialist Mr. Marks Menkovskis the training practice “Metalworking practice”, in frame of study programs “Aircraft Technical Maintenance”, “Air Transport Systems Management and Operation”, "Electronic equipment maintenance"for 1 year students of RAI from Latvia, India, Pakistan, Ukraine have been convened. The main objective of practice was to provide students with basic skills in metalworking and skills in using special tools independently preparing working drawings and, according to the assigned quality level, to produce the drawn part ...

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From 15 till 26 of May at the RAI training center under the guidance of an ATM specialist Mr. Donijor Salidjanov “Maintenance work basic practice part 1” in frame of Study program “Aircraft technical maintenance” for 2, 3 years’ students have been convened. The aim of practice was to provide an understanding of aircraft technical maintenance process, to ensure skills and competences in ATM and its stages on practict ...

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Congratulations on the Independence Day of the Republic of Latvia!

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OPEN DOOR DAYS of Riga Aeronautical Institute will take place on

May 13th, May 19th, May 26th, June 2nd and June 9th

 The meeting with the representatives of RAI will take place on the indicated dates at 11:00 a.m. in the classroom 003.
 Visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions related to program content, admission, as well as to see RAI's study environment and laboratories.

 Application by phone: +37129571158 or e-mail manager@rai.lv

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Today, April 28 the Assistant of RAI study direction "Mechanics", Mg.sc.ing. Mukhiddinovs Muhammadjons conducted the open lecture for RAI students, academic staff and administration. The lecture topic was "Aircraft Flight Operation: Onboard technical maintenance systems".
The outcome was positively evaluated by the participants and the administration present. present ...

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On April 21, an important event took place at the Riga Aeronautical institute (RAI) - methodical study meeting.
The meeting was opened by Vice-Rector Konstantin Savenkov, who spoke about the fulfilment of the tasks set in September 2022.
Program Director Vladimir Reiskarts spoke about the role of teachers in the work of the RAI Scientific Research Center and the Erasmus+ program ...

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Riga Aeronautical Institute was visited within the framework of the "Erasmus+" program by the representative of Kaunas University of Technology, professor of physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Rimantas Knizikevičius.
On the first day of the visit, a meeting was held with the management of RAI, during which the development of the educational process and scientific research activities were discussed.
On the second day, an open seminar was held with RAI teaching staff on scientific research work, exchange of experience and discussion on the implementation of advanced methods in the teaching process.
On the third day, RAI students were given an open laboratory work lesson in physics ...

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Riga Aeronautical Institute wishing you a happy Easter!

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From the 3d to the 5th of March 3 to 5 Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) took part in the most important event demonstrating the educational opportunities in Latvia, exhibition "School 2023". During the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to obtain extensive and high-quality information about study opportunities at RAI, as well as to meet with the students currently studying in RAI ...

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