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BLB 0026
General terms

1. The Library of Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) is an educational and information institution that provides library and informative services for the students, lecturers and other staff of RAI.
2. The Regulations determine the procedures for the use of the Library of RAI, the rights and obligations of its users.
3. The Regulations have been designed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia, other current laws and regulations.
4. The Library has a duty to familiarize its users with the Library Terms of Use by placing them in a place visible for the Library users.

Procedures for using the Library

5. RAI students, RAI lecturers and general staff can become users of the Library.
6. Upon registration, a valid student card must be presented, for the other staff - a personal identification document (data to be provided: personal identity code, telephone number, e-mail, address). In the library, the user should get acquainted with the terms of use of the Library and their signatures must confirm compliance with these rules.
7. When changing the last name, place of residence, the user must notify the Library at the time of the current visit.

Library users' rights

8. To receive information about the Library inventory and information systems, user care, and services.
9. To use the Library inventory and information systems according to the fixed rules.
10. To use available computers, the Internet, and other available electronic information resources. Appendix 1
11. To use payable services available at the library in accordance with the fixed payable services of RAI. Appendix 2
12. The user has the right to the integrity of personal data. Without the consent of the user, the data of the Library user must not be transferred or disclosed to a third party, except for the cases determined by law.
13. Library users have the right to submit proposals, feedback or complaints to improve the work of the Library.

Library users' responsibilities

14. To observe RAI Library regulations of use, security, job safety, electrical safety, fire safety.
15. To take care of the Library of RAI inventory, equipment, facilities.
16. To observe cultural norms, silence, not to eat or drink, not to attend the Library wearing outdoor clothes.
17. The user must submit the borrowed printed materials to the Library by the end of the academic year (by June, 20). Upon graduation from RAI or termination of employment, the user must submit to the Library all the printed materials and other materials receiving the signature on the exit checklist.
18. Compensate for the lost printed materials. 

Procedures and Responsibilities of Issuing Printing and Other Materials

19. Printed materials are allowed to be taken home only to those users who are registered with the Library in accordance with the procedure determined by these Regulations.
20. Deadlines for the use of printed materials at home are as follows:
          RAI issued study literature – 1 semester;
          printed materials issued by other publishing houses -1 month.
21. The last copy of the printed materials, printed materials of the reference fund are not allowed to be taken home.
22. If there are no other requests for printed materials, it can be extended, if necessary, by phone or via e-mail at

23. If the user has not submitted the printed material within the specified time, the librarian sends a reminder via e-mail or by telephone. Penalty charges are applied for each overdue day of return. For each overdue day of return 0,07 € is applied as a penalty charge for each book.
24. In case of loss or damage to the printed material, its price must be reimbursed threefold.
25. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions for using the Library may temporarily deprive the user of Library services outside the reading room.

Appendix 1

  Procedures for the use of computer hardware, the Internet, and available electronic information resources
of the Library of RAI BLB 0026 

1. These Terms and Conditions determine the procedures according to which the Library users use computers, the Internet, and the available electronic information resources in the Library of RAI.
2. The user of the Library computer must strictly observe the rules of security, job safety, electrical safety and fire safety when working.
3. The Library computers are allowed to be used by registered users acquiring a user account status from an IT specialist of RAI for the following purposes:
3.1. Use of electronic catalog;
3.2. Use of databases;
3.3. Obtaining electronic study and information materials;
3.4. Preparation of the required documents for the study process.
4. If a computer or software is damaged, it is necessary to stop work and inform an employee of the Library immediately.
5. The use of the Internet must respect the generally accepted ethical principles - it is forbidden to visit Internet sites that are not acceptable for public viewing. It is forbidden to play computer games, watch movies.
6. At the end of the work, the user must close all the programs used and put the workplace in order.
7. In case of uncertainty, the user should contact the Library employee.

Appendix 2

Payable services 

Type of service
Price, €
Copying of printed materials and other documents
A4 format page
A4 format page
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