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Riga Aeronautical Institute is enrolling the applicants for the year 2022/2023 for all accredited programs and study directions.

1. Transport
· International Carrier Business Management
· International Transport Logistics
· Air Traffic management
· International Carrier Business Management (Master’s degree)

2. Mechanics
· Air Transport Systems Management and Operation
· Aircraft Technical Maintenance
· Transport Systems Management (Master’s degree)

3. Electronics
· Electronic Equipment Maintenance

Documents for admission to RAI full-time studies):
- copy of the secondary/higher education certificate(s) and its supplement;
- copy of certificate of English (B2 level);
- copy of a passport;
- one photo 3x4 cm (can be also electronical).
Admission fee 200 Eur (non-refundable)

Online registration
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Today, on the 22nd of June the graduation ceremony for Riga Aeronautical Institute graduates is convened. Congratulations to our graduates with completion of studies! We wish good luck, new achievments and successful future careers to all RAI graduates!
We are always happy to see our graduates in RAI!

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Alexander Risich is a graduate of the Riga Aeronautical Institute. He was educated at RAI under the professional bachelor's program "Air Transport Systems Management and Operation" (graduation of 2019) and master's program "International transportation enterprise manager" (graduation of 2021). He is an active civil aviation pilot in the business aviation segment and has more than 1000 flight hours.
He is an active civil aviation pilot in the business aviation segment and has more than 1000 flight hours ...

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Dear RAI graduates!

We invite you to participate in the graduation ceremony on 22nd of June, 2022 *.

The graduation ceremony will take place in Riga Aeronautical Institute conference room (100B). The event starts at 1:00 (PM).

* - In accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation ...

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Congratulations to our students on the occasion of a successful defense of the bachelor and master thesis! The Assessment Commission noted that the thesis were well-prepared, and it was also noted that the thesis had relevance and practical orientation. We wish professional growth and new victories to all our graduates!

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An interview with RAI Master’s degree graduate Dijo Dixon.
Let your dreams are coming true, together with RAI.

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The defense of the graduation qualification works at the Riga Aeronautical Institute will be convened from the 8th June to 10th of June, 2022.

Good luck to all our students!

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On the 23rd of May, Riga Aeronautical Institute (RAI) convened the Student’s Self-Government meeting. The Chairman of the Student Self-government Nikita Kolesnik summarized the results of the current academic year. Deputy Chairman of Student Self-Government Natan David Gordin informed the participants of meeting about the results of the survey among RAI students. The aim of survey was to learn about the events which are of interest to our students.
The Student Self - Government also approved a plan of action for the academic year 22/23. We thank all the students who participated in the meeting, we wish good luck and enthusiasm for the Student Self-Government of RAI! See you all during the next academic year!

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On the 19th of May Riga Aeronautical Institute was visited by "Kazaeronavigatsia” Chief of staff, Mrs. Karlygash Kaken, and the Head of the Development Department, Language Training and Testing, Mrs. Gulsana Kantaeva. During the meeting Riga Aeronautical Institute was presented by Senior Vice-president, Mikhail Karol, Vice-president, Marina Romele and representatives of the Institute administration.
During the visit the parties discussed the various aspects of mutual cooperation, students training opportunities and current working questions.

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On the 10th and the 11th of May, Riga Aeronautical Institute conducted the 2nd stage of accreditation. It was the assessment of the Commission of Experts of the study field "Mechanics and Metal processing, Heat Power Engineering, Heat Technology, and mechanical Engineering".

Representatives from the following organizations participated in the expert commission:
· Riga Technical University - Head of Commission
· Tampere University
· Italian National Research Council, University of Campania
· SIA "Eco Airlines"
· University of Latvia, Student Council

The final decision of the Accreditation Commission will be announced later in the 3d stage.
RAI administration would like to express its gratitude to all RAI staff and students for their active participation and personal contribution to the accreditation process!

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